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The Power of the Portrait

We just launched our Spring Show for 2020 and have some wonderful photos on display. The featured image for this post, as you can see, is one that is really special. It is a portrait of Paula Rainey c. 1960 when she was about eighteen.

This photo shows the skill level that Buster Orman had achieved at this stage of his career as a photographer. The camera work shows the technical expertise and the lighting is shear perfection. However, what you can’t see in this one photo is the skill that Buster had working with his subjects.

You see, this is only one of a series during the session with Ms. Rainey. From the first shot to this final result, Buster is guiding her and building a trust to get just the right pose, expression and beauty. In each of the shots there is a progression where the art of the photographer brings out the absolute best in a subject. It is hard to teach that skill, but it is the difference between someone that is technically proficient with a camera and an artist.

We have all of the photos from this session, but only this one is on display on the wall because of the power of this portrait. It is mesmerizing. However, you can see more from the photo shoot on our website or come by and see our latest offering and we’ll be happy to show you the others.