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Hollywood Hobbs

We are very excited about our new show, Portraits of the Past. This time we have chosen new finds from the 1890’s and early 1900’s along with a selection of some of our favorite examples of fine photography.

The show opens Thursday, June 27 and there will be an opening party from 4pm to 7pm. If you can’t make it to the opening, you can see this show through September.

There are so many wonderful photos in this show, it’s hard to choose one for this post, but this photo of Bobby Hobbs seemed to fit the bill. Deputy Hobbs visited the Orman Studio in 1951 to have his photo taken for the Sheriff’s Department. Several photos were taken to get the right shot. Then, maybe to experiment or maybe just for fun, the photographer (we suspect Buster Orman) set the lights for a completely different style of photo, one that would emulate a Hollywood, film noir image. It took a few times lighting a cigarette to get the flame at just the right time and intensity. However, as you can see they finally got the shot. Such rich blacks, crisp contrast and the flare illuminating the palms and eyes of Deputy Hobbs.

This is the kind of photography that defined the Orman Studio for years, amazing black and white portraits. We are fortunate to have many in our collection. Hollywood Hobbs, as we have title this photo, is part of our Summer show. Come and see this one in person along with the rest of the show.