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A Neon City

Heading into Columbia on the Nashville Hwy you’ll see a few neon signs along the way such as the old Polk motel “50 Beautiful Units” or the sign for Columbia Neon. Hey, it’s a neon city and has been since the heyday of neon signage.

In many of the photos we have you’ll see some great examples of neon signs for businesses, products and even road signs for the Dixie Hwy. What a sight it must have been back in the day to see them all lit up at night. Even though our photos are mostly black and white, you can still see the illumination and your mind fills in the colors for some of them.

Of course, these signs are highly collectible now. Maybe that’s because you just don’t neon as much anymore. Or it could be the cool designs. Either way, I enjoy looking at these examples of a time gone by. If you like neon and other signs, then I suggest taking a look at our Signs & Neon gallery. There are over 40 photos in this collection, but we’ll be adding more as we uncover more.