3 family photos

3 Generations. One Camera.

One of the fun things about our gallery is what people bring with them. Recently, Rebecca Hinton came in with photos of 3 generations of her family that had each been photographed with our 1945 Deardorff 8×10 Studio Camera.
Her mother – Pat Behrens 1967-68 high school portrait
Rebecca – baby 6 months 1975
Her son Austin – baby 11 months 1997
Each was photographed by Ray Burt over a thirty year span. This is an example of how many lives this camera and the Orman Studio were a part of over the course of eight decades. We can only imagine how many thousands of people were photographed by this one camera. It is truly humbling to know that we have such an important piece of history here at the W7thCo Vintage Photo Gallery.
Oh, and it still works too! Keep following us for when we decide to load the film and keep this camera taking photos in Columbia.