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We asked. You answered.

I cannot say this enough… One of the best parts of having the W7thCo Gallery is the interaction with people. Every week we have someone come in that adds to the story. In fact, it happens so often that I cannot tell all of them. However, I had to share this one.

When selecting images for our first show, there was one photo that we knew we had to include. It has since become a permanent display piece on the rear wall of the gallery. It is a portrait titled “Shadow of the Cross” and if you have seen it, you know that it is a stunning piece of art. Originally taken for submission to a professional photographers exhibition, it was labeled as such and had the title. However, there was no name. We hoped that someone would come in and recognize the man in the image, but no one ever did. Then we posted the photo on social media and asked for your help.

It worked. Once again we have learned more about the subject of a photograph through the participation of our community. It started with someone suggesting that the man in question might be a McFall. Then that was confirmed. Thanks to the support of our wonderful patrons we now know that the man in the photo is Carl McFall.

Come see us and our photos Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We love it when visitors come to tell us more about the people and places that we display on the walls, but it’s okay to just come in and appreciate them too.
Oh, and of course you can see more on our website. Just click the gallery link from the menu.