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Look for Ichabod

When we were picking out the photos for our first show, one photo was an easy choice, Ichabod Cox posing with a Kodak No. 2 and an unlit cigar in his mouth. It’s a great photo of a photographer posing as though he is about to take a photo. Turns out, it was also a part of the Orman story. At the time we did not know who the man was, but we soon learned that he was Willam Houston Cox, Sr., but he was known as “Ichabod”. He was a professional photographer and a friend of the Ormans too. In fact W. A. Orman and Ichabod worked together frequently.

Not long ago, we were putting together photos for our Spring quarter show (opening on April 5, 2018). In one particular image from Mule Day we found Ichabod. While everyone else is looking towards a truck near the courthouse with a Gene Autry look-alike standing on the bed promoting movies at the Princess and Lyric, Ichabod is looking at the camera. He has his characteristic unlit cigar, but he also has a light meter in hand. A light meter he is no doubt using to shout out settings for Mr. Orman’s camera to get the shot right.

Although we make it a practice to look for people in photos, especially big crowds, it is unusual to find someone that is not only in the photo, but also helping to take the photo. Now, of course, we are playing a serious game of “Where’s Waldo”, only this time it’s “Where’s Ichabod”. He’s out there somewhere. Just look for the light meter… and an unlit cigar.

Thanks to the Howell’s, we actually have one of Ichabod’s cameras on display in our gallery. Come by and we’ll show it to you.

Update Sept. 26, 2019: We recently discovered Buster Orman is also in this photo on the flat-bed truck.