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College Hill School

Over the weekend, Jo Ann McClellan, President, African American Heritage Society of Maury County, came by the gallery to our photos and to find some specific images for an informational signage project. We had talked on the phone prior to her visit and I directed her to the site so she could browse the albums online. During her visit we looked at several photos from College Hill and she was able to provide the names of many. However, I promised her that I would put all of the College Hill that we have scanned to date in an album online.

Well, today I made good on that promise and posted over 50 images from this historic school. College Hill School was built in the 1880’s and played an important role in the lives of African Americans for decades in Columbia. You can see examples of classes, events, staff, sports and more in this collection of images. We invite you to help us with the names of people in these photos too. You can see the full album here.